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Woody Wax Carnauba Glass Coat Topside/Hull Wax:


WOODY WAX CARNAUBA GLASS COAT places an indestructible high gloss finish on your fiberglass and gel coat. The Carnauba Glass Coat is a hand-applied layering wax with a proven long lasting protection even in the tropical sun. Simply apply the wax, allow a few minutes for the wax to cure, and then buff the surface with a cotton towel or the Woody Wax ‘R’ Buffing Tool. To add layers, repeat the process until the desired shine is produced. 3 quick coats provide 6 months of lasting shine and protection.

• Fiberglass specific topside and hull wax
• 6 months protection
• Easy spray on application
• Places an indestructible high gloss finish on your fiberglass
• For use with the Woody Wax ‘R’ or hand apply

  • Carnauba Glass Coat is a topside and hull wax for fiberglass and gel coat surfaces.
  • Keeps all gelcoat surfaces loking like new, including helms and center concoles.
  • Proven long lasting protection for an incredible 6 months in the Florida sun!

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GLASS1616oz Carnauba Glass Coat$29.75

How to use Carnauba Glass Coat Topside/Hull Wax

Be sure to start with a clean surface, which is free of oxidation. If surface is oxidized, dull or faded, prepare the surface with Woody’s Ultra Gloss Restoring Compound to bring out the original gloss finish.